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Using Tarot...

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Black Cat Tarot

Thea is not only a course creator but also a tarot deck designer.

Movement is Healing

Thea is a Certified Personal Trainer and a Vegan Health Coach. You know you are getting quality information and you can feel good in your body!

Hi, I’m Thea

My name is Thea. I am a cat lover to the max. I created Cats in Space Tarot and now I have launched Black Cat Tarot. My proudest project yet. I have always loved black cats since watching Sabrina the Teenage witch with Salem the iconic witty black cat. The first cat I got as an “adult” I went to the animal shelter and I pet each cat. I sat in the cat room at the Animal Humane Society and I was petting a beautiful black long haired cat named “Sirus”  and then a fat black cat bashed their head into my shin. I kept fussing with Sirus but this short hair stayed close to my feet. Half paying attention I reached down and awkwardly scooped up this cat, and thought why is this cat eting me hold it like this? I assumed the cat would run away instead she purred and cuddled into me. We locked eyes and I was like well I guess I have a cat now. We have been together 6 years. She has been with me thru breakups, several moves and many life changes. She is loyal and demands to be fed more. I love her so much. I am an artist and a personal trainer. Whether I have a zoom session with a client, she likes to be on camera when I train people. Or if I am painting, and shes sitting in my lap. Boo has always been by my side and I am so grateful for her.